My name is John Doe.

I am a fantastic actor, with great charisma on stage, I am a triple threat, and will command a standing ovation every single performance!

I have been in Les Miserables, Doctor Who, The Bill, Miss Marple, basically all those shows that all the actors want be on. Did I say I was FABULOUS DARLING?!

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Previous Roles

  • 4th person that left the audition in the movie Chorus Line - 1985
  • StormTrooper in Star Wars XX - The need for more cash!- 2017
  • 17th child in Grange Hill in a crowd scene - 1988
  • A murdered body - 1983
  • 5th person on the left, I video bombed ITV news - 2015
  • A Policeman - 3rd left in the Bill - 1988
  • 15th person that dies in Les Miserables - 1992
  • A green Bug Eyed Monster in a bubblewrap suit - 1979
  • 2nd orphan on the right in Oliver - 1999
  • John Doe - in a morge - 1976